🌍💚Lapland and ecological 💚🌍 sustainability

🌍💚Lapland and ecological 💚🌍 sustainability


Lapland is not only one of the most beautiful places on earth and the happiest country in the world for the sixth year in a row, it is also a paradise for those looking for sustainable tourism.

eco-activities-cycling-laplandHere, sustainability is a core value. Tourism companies strive to minimize their impact on the natural environment, promoting responsible and environmentally friendly practices; from the use of renewable energy to the preservation of biodiversity.

The Sustainable Travel Finland program is a pioneering initiative of Visit Finland that seeks to promote responsible tourism practices, collaborating with hotels, tour operators, among others. A great example of how tourism can be a positive force for change!

eco-skiing-aurora-borealis-laplandAt Next Destinium we are committed to sustainability and that is why we collaborate with local establishments and suppliers, which comply with high environmental standards. Its focus includes the preservation of traditions, gastronomic culture and cultural heritage. From ski tours under the Northern Lights, minimizing light and noise pollution to restaurants that use quality local ingredients and reduce food waste.

Due to the delicacy of Lapland’s ecosystems and wildlife, these tours minimize light and noise pollution, and allow travelers to be one with
snowy tundras and pristine forests. The commitment to sustainable tourism in Lapland was recognized with the Green Activities Environmental Award in 2021, and our local suppliers have been an active member of the Finnish Sustainable Travel Program since 2016.

Local-sustainable-suppliers-LaplandSustainable tourism is not only about being eco-friendly: we also want to preserve local culture and traditions. Thus, another of our goals is to preserve and revive the tradition of reindeer herding, the gastronomic culture of Lapland and other aspects of its cultural heritage.

On your next trip, opt for sustainability while leaving a positive impact on your environment. Together, we can preserve the natural beauty of this magical place for future 😊 generations.

❄️🌿 Lapland awaits you with its sustainable⛺️🌲 magic


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