Dream trip on Rovos luxury train in South Africa

Dream trip on Rovos luxury train in South Africa

Do you want to discover South Africa full of charm that many people have already had the pleasure of knowing? If your answer has been yes, join us during this tour. Close your eyes and start imagining one of the possible trips:

“Imagine sitting on one of those fancy trains you’ve always seen in your favorite movies. Depart a beautiful morning from Cape Town station aboard the famous Pride of Africa, its most luxurious train,
Rovos Rail
, with which you will travel through four magnificent cities of Pretoria, Cape Town, Victoria Falls and Durban for its different routes.

As you sit, you watch the landscape pass through the window, as if it were a documentary, but this time it’s you who records all those experiences in your memory. Suddenly, the landscape changes drastically and that warns you of the first stop has arrived. Before your eyes is the tiny but majestic city of Matjiesfontein, a tiny Victorian town founded in 1884, in the middle of the Great Karoo oasis, where you can delight in its wonderful culture by visiting its beautiful museums and strolling through its splendid streets. And as the sun goes away, you go back to your dream room.

The journey continues and before your eyes appears a large lagoon infused in pink, after blinking for several times because of your astonishment, you discover that it is not its waters, if not thousands and thousands of flamingos, about twenty thousand, cooling and grooming to welcome you to the next Victorian city Kimberley, which, during the 19th century suffered, which is known as the true diamond fever. Together with an expert guide you will enter the city and witness the Big Hole (its cornerstone) as well as visit the large open pit mine where years ago hundreds and hundreds of diamonds and its famous Diamond Museum were earned. Again the night begins to fall, and as the sky floods with stars you return to the train to continue your journey.

The next morning, you wake up and have reached the end of the journey along with Rovos Rail. You arrived in Pretoria, and there, all the travel staff say goodbye kindly and let you open your wings so that you can freely enjoy the majesty of this beautiful city, so that you can walk through its streets and all your senses fill with that perfect experience without need to get back in your car when the moon is calling you to contemplate its glow.”

It’s a unique experience that will leave you speechless, now or never.

Now you can get to know the beauty of South Africa first-hand thanks to Next Destinium, without having to worry about organizational details or transportation. What are you waiting for to book your south African train trip? We have several routes to offer you according to your dates in various types of wagon class and even combinations with other countries such as Etosha National Park in Namibia, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania or a Golf Safari by train.

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