River Excursions in Rovaniemi

River Excursions in Rovaniemi

If you plan a trip to the land of Santa Claus in summer, an excellent option is to take a river excursion along the Kemi and Ounasjoki rivers, at the confluence of which is
, the authentic ‘gate’ of
. A vibrant college town full of life and things to do:

A boat trip on the rivers of Rovaniemi. You can book a boat trip on the rivers of Rovaniemi, sailing through its waters between its islands with wooden houses. A very relaxing activity for adults and children. You have the possibility to dock the boat on the shore and take a walk or visit a local restaurant on the banks of the river and taste an authentic Lappish dinner. An activity that is very romantic with the backdrop of the Midnight Sun, which provides the night with special lighting!


Enjoy an authentic floating Finnish sauna. What better than to enjoy the relaxation of the typical Finnish sauna, but floating in the middle of the river? Yes, this vibrant excursion in Rovaniemi offers the possibility and enjoy the Finnish sauna combined with a dip in the water of the rivers of Rovaniemi. A fantastic contrast that goes very well to the body and its blood circulation. We take you by boat to the floating sauna in the middle of the water, hidden from the other boats and holidaymakers, where you can relax in a traditional Finnish sauna. A unique experience!


Glamping on the river. How about sleeping one night in the middle of the water? With our water glamping option, we offer you the possibility of spending the night in a kind of floating cabin in the water for two, with toilet included. An amazing experience that is only lived in Lapland! Sleeping under the stars or enjoying the Midnight Sun (wear a mask!) in the middle of the water is an authentic experience.


River fishing in Rovaniemi. Another excellent activity to do in summer in Rovaniemi is river fishing. You will leave by boat with an expert guide in search of the best river fishing spots in the area. Experienced or not, the guide will help you with the preparation of the material, the orientation, the water flow and the hot spots of salmon or trout (Arctic Char) in the local waters. Like the activity of ice fishing in winter, river fishing is all about the whole process, the preparation and the moment of rest and relaxation of fishing (as Santa Claus usually does in summer…)


Bike routes eBike on the banks of the river. Undoubtedly one of the best experiences at the water’s edge are the eBike bike rides through Rovaniemi. From the city you can go out by the multiple routes and trails of the area, going through forests, plain and follow the stretch of rivers. Bike rides are suitable for everyone and relatively easy to perform. There are different routes depending on the difficulty and you can opt for family routes on the banks of the river, mountain bike routes through the mountains to multi-day routes from Rovaniemi. One of the best cycling routes in summer is the 35km route from Valajaskoski.


Valajaskoski easy bike route:

The Valajaskoski route is one of the absolute spring classics for every cyclist in Rovaniemi. The route follows the Kemi River to the south, mainly on light traffic routes. The route begins in Rantavitika, next to the shore, from where it continues through the riverside settlement center to Nelostie. Halfway through the Valajaskoski power station, which gives the route its name. From the top of the dam you have a beautiful view of the Kemijoki River in both directions. Back in Rovaniemi, the route follows the road on the east side of Kemijoki along a strait over the beautiful Illin basin and visits the Pöyliövaara viewpoint.
You can download the route here.

If you fancy a trip to
Rovaniemi in summer
and enjoy river excursions, contact one of our Lapland travel specialists, without having to worry about organizational details or transport. What are you waiting for to design your trip?


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