Santa’s Great Journey from Rovaniemi (23.12 Santa is on His Way)

Santa’s Great Journey from Rovaniemi (23.12 Santa is on His Way)

Santa’s Great Journey with His Reindeer from Rovaniemi (23.12 Santa is on His Way)

Can you imagine witnessing the great trip trip by Santa Claus from the Village of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi to distribute gifts around the world? (the famous annual “Santa Is On His Way” event).

The departure of Santa Claus from the Village of Santa Claus Village to distribute happiness and joy.

As many of you know, on 23.12 every year Santa Claus goes out in his sleigh pulled by his reindeer to distribute happiness and gifts all over the world. A magical and familiar moment that we can only live in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. That is why, with the help of Next Destinium, we take you to the capital of the authentic Lappish Christmas. Santa’s departure is a great event held every year in Santa Claus Village On a stage with presenters and live music from local artists that lead us to the magical moment… at 7:00 p.m., it is when Santa is scheduled to appear ready and ready to leave with his spectacular reindeer sleigh (with of course Rudolph in front). Everyone is invited to travel to Lapland and live this unique Christmas ceremony in Rovaniemi.


Don’t miss out on your place for your trip to Lapland and specifically Rovaniemi. With the December Bridge already complete we focus on the Christmas dates to travel to Lapland and make you part of this unforgettable event that only some can live every year. Are you going to miss it?

Traveling to Lapland for Christmas is a luxury!

Spending a Christmas in Lapland is a magical and unique family moment. We have carefully selected the best cabins for your Christmas trip, adding the best activities that you choose in small groups to optimize the enjoyment of the activity in optimal and safe conditions.

Take advantage of the event of the Great Departure of Santa on December 23 in Rovaniemi to book your trip to Lapland at Christmas. The night of the 23rd will be magical with Santa Claus giving joy and surprises all over the world and what better way than to thank him in person by visiting him privately the following days in the Magic Forest of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi? Can you imagine? Yes, if completely in private, only you and yours accompanied by the elves of the magical forest … can you ask for more? What are you waiting for, contact us right now because this dream is about to come true.

You can watch the trailer for
Santa Is On His Way
from previous years here:

Contact us for your trip to Lapland for Christmas and enjoy the Great Farewell of Santa Claus on December 23rd from Rovaniemi.


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