Snow Castle in Kemi

Snow Castle in Kemi

Visiting Lapland can become one of the most recommended tourist options for all kinds of people who have the interest of enjoying an unforgettable trip. And among the many activities available in Lapland the visit to Kemi is at the top of the list, especially for the presence of its snow castle, a place full of magic and mysticism.

The snow castle of Lapland rebuilt every winter.

The snow castle is rebuilt every winter without any exception. Its managers have managed to make it the largest snow fortification in the world and this is something that they manage to maintain every year thanks to the care and passion they put into creating their structure. The appeal has been maintained since the first of the castles was built in 1996, partly because every year modifications and notable changes are incorporated in the design of the structure at the architectural level.

Although every year there are modifications to the design, some elements are maintained as part of the main structure that has already been transformed into a brand of the house. The space dedicated to the hotel, the chapel and the restaurant are always available in order to make visitors meet one of the most impactful visits of their life.

Thousands of people from all over the world have been fascinated by what this snow castle guarantees on their visit, which is not only spectacular on a visual level, but offers one of the most vivid and original environments when it comes to visiting Lapland.

When to visit the snow castle in Kemi?

Open from January, this castle located in Kemi has a lot to teach attendees and also serves as an unbeatable environment for other activities. Weddings are usually held in the chapel by couples who will never forget how they bonded in marriage. This is a common practice among tourists from all corners of the world.

Couples who get married can settle into the hotel and especially in their honeymoon room, where they will have a night full of curiosities thanks to the particularity of the atmosphere.

In the restaurant we can have the experience of eating sitting in ice chairs using ice tables, always using reindeer skin so that we can be as comfortable as possible. It’s something we won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world, at least not in such an efficient and traditional way.

Ice Castle 360 (all year round).

To visit the Ice Castle all year round, the creators of the ice castle have created
the Experience 360,
which allows you to visit a small Ice Castle all year round! With restaurant and bar and ice slide included. Together the Castle can also be housed in the glass igloo overlooking the icy sea of the Gulf of Bothnia.

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