The best national parks on a trip to Lapland

The best national parks on a trip to Lapland

National parks in Lapland.

The national parks in Lapland are the jewels of Finnish nature and form the basis of the network of protected areas. They are a jewel of nature that are open to all.

All outdoor lovers will find something in the national parks to suit their taste! In large parks you can walk for a week without seeing a road. In the same park you can also have the opportunity to make day trips on a well-marked trail.

Seven of Finland’s 35 national parks are located in Lapland. Of these, Lemmenjoki National Park, Urho Kekkonen National Park and Pallas Yllästunturi National Park are the largest in Finland. The other national parks in Lapland are Pyhä-Luosto, Perämeri and Riisitunturi and Oulanka, located in northeastern Finland, on the border between the Koillismaa region and Lapland.

Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki National Park is especially known for gold digging. The legendary Lemmenjoki River leads to the home country of the indigenous Sami people. Explore the forests and try your luck in the search for gold with a guided activity on the river. Feast on a tasty reindeer stew as you gaze up at the night sky for the Northern Lights in winter, or bathe in the midnight sun in summer. Finland’s largest national park has plenty of amazing places to explore off the beaten track.


Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in western Lapland is the most popular national park in Lapland. Here you can enjoy hiking or skiing through the forest with cozy accommodations for overnight stays in historic Lapp villages. This part of Lapland has the freshest air in Europe. On dark nights you can admire the incredible Northern Lights.


Urho Kekkonen National Park

Urho Kekkonen National Park is the place for traditional hiking. Travel through this magnificent arctic country on skis, to find your way to a cozy cabin for the night. This vast park extends east of the town of Saariselkä across the Finnish Lapland plane to the Russian border. The lonely mountain of Korvatunturi is famous among Finns as the home of Santa Claus. The night sky lights up with the Northern Lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer.


Pyhä-Luosto National Park

National Park is the jewel of eastern Lapland, an interesting destination due to its geology and beauty of the landscape. Deep canyons cut through these ancient rugged hills, where you can trek through dense forests. Enjoy great skies of Lapland, illuminated by the Northern Lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. Visit picturesque places that were seen as sacred by the Sami people who lived here. Explore the epic route between the park’s two most famous rocky hills – Pyhä and Luosto – both within reach of the comfortable resorts.


Riisitunturi National Park

Riisitunturi National Park is an ideal destination for day trips or short hikes. The humid climatic conditions contribute to the natural beauty of Riisitunturi. The park boasts some of the best sloping marshes anywhere in Europe. In winter the fir trees that cover many of the slopes of Riisitunturi are lined with a thick layer of condensed snow, creating a photogenic white forest. Exploring trails suitable for day trips or longer trips welcome hikers in summer and snowshoeing hikers in winter.


Oulanka National Park

In the rugged landscape of the Karhunkierros trail, you will observe the power of water. The many options of trails and suspension bridges will take you to the most impressive waterfalls in Finland. Wild brown trout jumps, boundless beauty and charming calypso will challenge even the experienced nature photographer. Nature does not recognize state borders: the vast flat of Paanajärvi National Park is located on the Russian side of the border.

Travel-to-Lapland-Oulanka National Park

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