The best ski resorts in Canada

The best ski resorts in Canada

Canada is by far one of the best countries in which to ski. Canada has a wide and varied offer of ski slopes, among which some belong to the list of the best slopes in the entire continent or even the world.

Undoubtedly, the most prestigious slope in the country is known as

Whistler Blackcomb

and that during 2014 was considered the best ski resort in North America by the readers of the well-known magazine of the sector Ski Magazine. The track in question dedicates an average of 18 million euros per year to the maintenance and constant improvement of the facilities, which in recent months have focused mainly on the renovation of its retro gondola lifts installed in 1988, as well as the incorporation of a hands-free ski pass and two professional machines that are responsible for flattening the 520 hectares occupied by the track every night. With these, its fleet of pisapista machines increases to 25. The Whistler Blackcomb is characterized by its construction on two large hills between them connected by an immense and spectacular funicular.

Another ski resort you should visit in Canada is
. It is one of the most recent creation tracks and perfectly combines its relatively small size with a slope of more than 1700 that enchants especially the most experts. Its location means that it receives an annual precipitation that reaches 14 meters, which also has a direct impact on the quality of the snow. In addition, and having so many slopes, the ski resort of Revelstoke has a lot of small corners or nooks and crannies (including fairytale forests!) in which to stop for a few moments to admire the snowy landscape. This resort has up to 40 easy, moderate and difficult level tracks.

Finally, another of Canada’s best-known ski resorts is
Lake Louise
. Its barely 1700 hectares of tracks concentrate a slope of up to 991 meters, which makes it an option with a large number of tracks (139, specifically) of short but intense extension. What stands out most for those who have visited it are not only its facilities and services, but also the enviable view of the valley and Lake Louise that can be seen from practically all the slopes. Its location is also ideal in terms of rainfall volume, and therefore, the quality of the ski surface. Highly recommended for those who are also looking to stay in the surrounding hotels and enjoy the same breathtaking views as inside the station.

If you are a lover of the sport most practiced during the winter do not hesitate to stop by Canada and discover its tracks with unique characteristics and landscapes. Next Destinium will design your
exclusive trip to Canada for
you so that you and yours only have fun and enjoy.

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