The reindeer, a symbol of Lapland

The reindeer, a symbol of Lapland

If we conducted a survey asked by some animal representative of Lapland, without a doubt 90% of the answers obtained would allude to reindeer, thanks to the memory of the figure of Santa carrying gifts mounted on his reindeer sled. Certainly the reindeer is representative of Lapland and constitutes an icon for its people, in addition it is estimated that in the region there are as many reindeer as there are people.

A very frequent stamp that the visitor finds when traveling to Lapland are reindeer in freedom, however this does not mean that they are wild animals, since they usually belong to a shepherd, who obtains much of their income through their exploitation. There are still nomadic shepherds in the region who lead their flocks throughout the region by carrying out migration while keeping alive the traditions of their ancestors.

In ancient times the reindeer was the main resource to survive the Lapón people, offering its inhabitants food through its meat and milk, the coat offered by its furs and utensils built with its bones and antlers. Today reindeer remains very important in Lapland and its meat enjoys great importance in the gastronomy of the region, being its meat considered as a delicacy.

Unique reindeer-related experiences:

A very genuine experience to make the traveling to Lapland is to enjoy a reindeer ride, an activity suitable for anyone, as there is the possibility of taking a ride at moderate speeds, or opting for more aggressive options such as driving a reindeer-drawn racing sled.

At the end of winter, two reindeer competitions are held. One is held in the city of Sami near the Lofoten Islands of Norway

and another in the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi.

These events are home to exciting skier races dragged by reindeer and driven by reins.

Travelling to Lapland is a unique experience that remains forever marked in memory. Thanks to Next Destinium you can enjoy that experience without having to worry about any details, just book your trip.


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