What to see and do in Windhoek on a trip to Namibia

What to see and do in Windhoek on a trip to Namibia

What better to see and do in Windhoek, on a trip to Namibia?

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and is located in the epicenter of the country, making it easy to travel anywhere from the capital. Windhoek, surrounded by mountains on all three sides, presents a fine amalgam of European and African culture. Although located in the deepest regions of Africa, Windhoek has all the modern amenities and is considered one of the cleanest African cities. It also has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. It is not surprising, then, that Windhoek is one of the best tourist places in the entire African continent.
1. Know the history
Namibia has been a German colony, there is a vast history behind it. You can choose to understand the country’s history by visiting Windhoek’s many historical sites. There is the Acre of Heroes, the war memorial as a patriotic and nationalist symbol, located 10 km from the city. Afterwards, visit the
Independence Memorial Museum
, located at the top of Windhoek Hill, where everything related to Namibian history is exposed. Another place to visit is a church called Christuskirche, the oldest in the country and noted for its architecture and beauty.
2. Windhoek is all nature
There is no better place than Windhoek to enjoy nature in all its glory. You can visit the Tintenpalast Gardens, a popular picnic spot. Those who want to see exotic plants can head to the National Botanical Garden on Sam Nujoma Avenue. It is, in many ways, the lung of the city and occupies 12 hectares. Some parts are landscaped, but a large part of the gardens are presented in their natural form. You can stroll along the many paths and contemplate herbs, shrubs, plants and exotic trees, native and beautiful. You can also spend some refreshing time in the Avis Dam Nature Reserve, located 2 km from the city. You can take a nature route, bird watching or just hang out in the company of the refreshing and rejuvenating nature of the reserve. Surely it comes out with the batteries charged. There is also the famous zoo, which today is a popular picnic spot, but in the 60s was a zoo.
3. Buy local handicrafts
Visit the Namibia Handicraft Centre for first-hand local
items. The best way to know and feel a place is through its native materials. Here you can buy many nice souvenirs to take home a bit of Namibia’s rich culture. You can also buy amazing handmade artifacts.
4. Best local cuisine

in Windhoek

Of course, the main attraction of any place is its gastronomy. In Windhoek you will find many places to taste the local cuisine and where you can drink until you get fed up. Restaurants and other places to eat are available. For a good beer, stop at Joe’s Beerhouse, which has become a prominent tourist destination today. You can also visit Andy’s pub, which is also a trendy place.
5. A great nightlife
When it comes to nightlife, there are plenty of places in Windhoek. Some must-see places are Boiler Room, 264, Club London and many more. Enjoy amazing music and let your hair down having a drink or two. Of course, that’s what you need after a busy day of sightseeing around Windhoek. These are just a few of the most popular nightspots, but there are many more.
6. Excursion through the municipality of Katutura
More than 60% of the city’s population lives in Katutura. There are excursions to the area to learn about the local culture and history. It can last about three hours and visitors can get a lot of information about the culture, customs and life of the village.
Windhoek is an ideal destination for all those who wish to spend some time away from the city but within the confines of urban life. Although Windhoek is a modern city, it has managed to keep its history, culture and nature intact. A visit to the city will fill you with gratitude and energy.
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