Why visit Rovaniemi on a holiday to Lapland?

Why visit Rovaniemi on a holiday to Lapland?

Why visit Rovaniemi on a holiday to Lapland?

Discover the charm of Lapland on your dream holidays: Rovaniemi, the gateway to Arctic magic.

When we think of dream destinations where you can live and experience the magic of Christmas with its winter adventures, very few places (or rather, none!) evoke the magic and charm of Rovaniemi. This small city, capital of Lapland and epicenter of the one and only authentic Christmas, is known worldwide as the official home of Santa Claus.

However, Rovaniemi is not only this… and therefore, below, we are going to detail some of the reasons why this arctic city is a destination that is really worth visiting on a trip to Lapland. Attentive! 😉

  • Santa Claus’ Official Village

see-santa-claus-village-santa-claus-village-journey-laplandLet’s start with the obvious: Rovaniemi is the official home of
Santa Claus
. This means that the world-famous man in red lives here 365 days a year, so what better opportunity to meet him in person? You’re in the right place. In the unique and magical Santa Claus Holiday Village, you can visit places like Santa’s official post office, Mama Claus’ official home, Snowman World ice park, and even cross the Arctic Circle! And let’s not forget the most special moment of the trip, here you can experience the encounter with Santa Claus himself, personally leave him your letter with your most sincere wishes… A moment full of emotions that you can enjoy privately and with your family.

  • Northern Lights: the real Northern Lights

see-auroras-borealis-because-rovaniemi-travel-laplandIf of all the experiences there is one that should be on every traveler’s bucket list, this would be, without a doubt, observing the Northern Lights. According to deep-rooted local traditions, the Northern Lights are formed when an Arctic fox, with its tail, stirs the snow in the forest, generating the magical, colorful sparks that paint the night sky. Rovaniemi, given its privileged location near the Arctic Circle, emerges as one of the best places to witness this natural and unique phenomenon in the world. To get the best photos, we offer you the opportunity to join tours guided by expert photographers or sleigh tours through the Lappish forests overnight. These are just a few of the unique experiences that await you with Next Destinium.

  • A one-of-a-kind lodging experience

ATTACHMENT DETAILS alojamientos-exclusivos-rovaniemi-en-viaje-a-laponia.jpg March 22, 2024 374 KB 800 by 500 pixels Edit the image Permanently delete Overnight stays in exclusive Lappish hotels and cabins is one of the most special and essential parts of your trip to Rovaniemi. These accommodations, carefully chosen by Next Destinium, not only offer all the expected comforts, but also offer you the possibility to connect with the nature that surrounds you. Imagine waking up in a cozy cabin, surrounded by a snowy and arctic landscape, or relaxing in an elegant and exclusive suite with panoramic views of the Northern Lights… the experience of staying in Rovaniemi is absolutely unforgettable.

  • A thousand and one adventures in the Arctic wilderness

play-in-the-snow-sledding-claus-village-rovaniemi-trips-to-laplandRovaniemi offers a wide range of possibilities and experiences to offer for those who love nature and outdoor activities. From thrilling sleigh rides pulled by the noble huskies, to snowmobiling adventures on a frozen lake and reindeer rides, the endearing animal symbols of the region. Or, are you more of an ice fisherman? How about experiencing speed through an ice karting circuit? Without a doubt, Rovaniemi is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the unspoiled Arctic landscapes and live unforgettable experiences.

  • The Arctic City: Lappish Culture and Tradition

author-dining-in-bubble-restaurants-rovaniemi-travel-laplandRovaniemi is more than just a destination of wild nature and deep-rooted traditions; It is also a city that offers a rich cultural offer. Explore the city centre and be captivated by its cosy and modern cafes, local designer shops and restaurants that will delight you with a fusion of both classic and innovative dishes. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Sami culture, the indigenous people of Lapland, by visiting the Arktikum Museum and the Pilke Science Center.


Rovaniemi invites you to immerse yourself in a world where the magic of authentic Christmas is intertwined with its stunning natural beauty and unique culture.

Get ready to embark on a timeless journey to the land of snow and discover first-hand why visiting Rovaniemi is a unique experience that you will always want to return to and that will forever leave an indelible mark on your heart.



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