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With no sea border and the dimension of France, but with only 1.5 million inhabitants, Botswana is often called “the crown jewel of safaris” country. All this is due to its large amount of fauna, the limited number of visitors it receives, the excellent conservation of its customs and the diversity of its grounds. We are glad to design your perfect tailor-made exclusive holidays to Botswana, taking into account all your preferences and wishes. From scenic flights over Okavango Delta or cruise its waters in a traditional mokoro boat be accommmodatedat the best private luxury lodges at the National Park of Moremi and the Greater Area of the Delta river Okavango, explorer the parks by 4x4 jeep Savuti and Linyati (famous for being an authentic game area for its predators), explore the National Park of Chobe with its waters, crocodiles and hippos, navigate the Zambezi River at sunset and watch the sunset until you drive through the salt flats of Makgadikgadi Park and Nxai Pan. Do you dream of exploring all this? Travel Botswana by Destination Specialists in tailor-made holidays.



of our designs of Exclusive Travel to Botswana

The best of Botswana, Namibia and Vic Falls 2024-2025

Fancy exploring Botswana on a tailor-made safaris trip through Moremi parks in the Okavango Delta, Chobe and Savuti, alternating with Namibia with its picturesque Dunes and crowning the trip with a helicopter visit to the Victoria Falls in Livingstone?

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Exclusive Travel to Botswana in Luxury Lodges

We design exclusive personalized holidays to Botswana with accommodation at the best luxury lodges in Okavango Delta, Moremi, Savuti, Chobe, Khwai and Makgadikgadi.

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All of these holidays are real travel suggestions tailor-made by our specialist consultants to meet the personal needs of our clients. We are Destination Specialists in exclusive and tailor-made travel, your holidays will be as similar or different to these travel suggestions as you wish. You will enjoy the best experience of your life if you put yourself in our hands because we customize your holidays just as you wish. No one knows better to enjoy travelling Botswana than we do.

¿Why travel Botswana with Next Destinium?

A jewel to discover under your feet, with safaris of the purest African style, huge National Parks such as the Delta of Okavango, Moremi and Chobe, sailing rivers like the Zambezi and Kwai with their hippopotamusand crocodilosthe Kalahari deserts and the best luxury lodges in the Okavango Delta, Moremi and Chobe.

Safaris in Botswana.

As Destination Specialists who are part of Next Destinium, we have traveled extensively in Botswana and have stayed in the lodges, resorts and charming hotels that we recommend and have made multiple safaris in Botswana in various accommodations, Namibia and South Africa. We know all the hidden jewels, all the secrets of the traveller and the pitfalls that must be avoided. And we can´t wait to share all this with you traveller!

The best places to visit when travelling Botswana;

Moremi Game Reserve.

Moremi symbolises the core of the Okavango Delta, and there are several safari lodges. However, most of Okavango’s safari lodges and private wildlife areas are located outside Moremi, in their own private reserves with their animals. The Moremi Reserve is exuberant and varied: a mosaic of lagoons, shallow flooded swamps, plains and forests. It is one of the best areas in Africa to see wildlife, with particularly high hunting densities. The animals found here are numerous and relaxed, often allowing vehicles to approach closely. The best area of Moremi we consider Chief’s Island, where you will find several of the best safari lodges in Botswana. However, there are several main areas on the side of the Mopane tongue, where the land meets the permanent waters of the Okavango Delta, which can also be reached by jeep 4x4, which includes the Khwai River area (also known as Moremi North Gate), Xakanaxa Lagoon or the Third Bridge

The Okavango Delta.

The mouth of the Okavango River in the Delta has generated the best region in South Africa to see animals and make safaris. This crown jewel of a trip to Botswana is well preserved thanks to the local conservation policy and the strategically located lodges throughout the Okavango Delta, which convey peace and tranquility and avoid the feeling of agglomeration. Many lodges are only accessible by plane, only a dozen lodges in the Delta are accessible by car 4x4, of those few are located in the Natural Reserve of Moremi, which contributes to its authenticity.

The Savuti Reserve (Savute).

The Savuti region lies between the Moremi Nature Reserve and Chobe National Park and houses a more arid area (desert and volcanic mountains) of Botswana with the chances of seeing less-seen animals such as wild dogs and hyenas. It is a less visited area than Moremi and Chobe, but it is worth visiting by car 4x4 on the way between Chobe or Moremi. In recent years the area often lacks water, which reduces the chances of seeing large predators such as elephants, lions, etc. Savuti is dotted with several lodges for accommodation, which are worth staying overnight. All major species including giraffe, elephant, zebra, impala, tsessebe, ruano antelope, marta, ñu, kudu, buffalo, water cobo, eland antelope, lion, hyena, jackal and sometimes even Chita and African wild dog, inhabit the Savuti area. Savuti is known for its predators, especially the populations of stained lions and hyenas, whose nocturnal struggles for dominance were captured in the excellent documentary “Eternal Enemies”. The dry winter months are magnificent to observe animals, as it is when large herds of elephants, buffaloes and zebras gather next to the river and gather together with giraffes and antelopes. It is a spectacular place for the sighting of waterfowl, such as pelicans.

Travelling Chobe National Park.

Chobe, with an area of 10.566k m², is the second largest national park in Botswana. It is divided into three areas, Serondela, Savuti and Linyanti. The Chobe River, Savuti and the Linyanti Swamps are perfect places for classic African safari. During the safari, it is possible to see lions, antelopes and wildebeests, among many others. In the river, it is possible to see hippopotamus and huge crocodiles swimming next to the elephants. Boat trips are a pure safari adventure too! In this area you can find 440 of the 500 species of birds known in Botswana, including the violet-breasted carraca, the national bird. Kasane, located in the northeast corner of Botswana, is the gateway to Chobe National Park. This small town is the meeting point for four countries, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. It has an international airport and several luxury safari accommodations. Kasane is the starting point for exciting terrestrial and water safaris. Victoria Falls are only 70 km away!

We are Destination Specialists in Botswana Holidays.

Endorsed by Botswana Tourism Organisation, as Specialists in Botswana we know the destination and we are able to understand what you really are looking for, making your dreams come true and providing the journey and adventure you desire.


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