Travel South Africa with Victoria Falls

You will live a trip full of charm, which you will never forget. Your retinas will not be able to assimilate such majesty and beauty in the incomparable landscapes of Cape Town, day and night safaris and the Victoria Falls that you will visit.

Why travel to South Africa with Next Destinium?

You will enjoy unique experiences…

… carefully selected to enjoy most

  • You will walk among the flakes of the trees of Botanical Gardens
  • Be breathless with views over Cape Town from Table Mountain
  • Why not swim among more than 3,000 penguins at Boulder’s Beach?
  • Taste the best Stellenbosch wine in winery tastings
  • You will go on safaris in search of the animals against the backdrop of infinite horizons
  • Relax in a luxury lodge under a starry sky…
  • “Flying over Victoria Falls by helicopter is priceless”

Selected Accommodations

Each holidays is tailor-made and personalized

We designed this trip for a middle-aged couple who gifted this trip to South Africa to their 8 year old grandson for communion. They had a maximum of 12 days and in Cape Town they would want to climb Table Mountain, see the penguins, sleep inside Kruger and in Victoria Falls take an elephant ride and fly over the falls.

“”Jaume has loved receiving the Travel Dossier for his communion…””

“… the great trip and the treatment received at the Lodge in Kruger was the best!”

“The wine tasting was in English and the food in general has been exquisite!” Consuelo and Jorge, Madrid

Recommended days

10-12 days

Best time to travel South Africa

July to December

(Vic Falls most spectacular from February through to July)


From EUR 4,499 per person

(international flight not included)

Detail South Africa trip combined with Victoria Falls.

This proposal to travel to South Africa combines a few days in Cape Town with incredible activities such as whale watching, a visit to the Botanical Gardens, a visit to the Cape of Good Hope, combined with a few days of safari in one of the best Luxury Lodges in the most beautiful natural parks existing in our world, the Kruger, to finish with a flight to Victoria Falls seeing its majestic waterfalls falling from more than 100 meters high.

South Africa and visit Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula.

A trip full of charm, which you will never forget, your retinas will not be able to assimilate such majesty and beauty in the incomparable landscapes that you will visit.

We will start with the city that has it all: a privileged enclave between the ocean and mountains, an overwhelming nature, gastronomy and wine culture capable of convincing the most demanding sybarite and avant-garde design everywhere. Welcome to Cape Town!

Visit Cape Town

Cape Town is a seductive mix of modern culture, incredible hotels, fascinating history and outstanding natural beauty. All wrapped in the magic of the iconic Table Mountain. The Malay, Dutch and British architecture of the Cape coexists with the avant-garde lofts and smooth-walled skyscrapers of the twenty-first century. Take a seat for a while in South Africa’s mother city and feel around you the frenetic daily activity of Cape Town’s flower vendors, street musicians and food markets.

Visit Cape Good Hope Penguins Cape Town

During 4 wonderful days you will do activities as incredible as a guided tour of Cape Town, you will ride a funicular to the panoramic Table Mountain, you will discover the famous Robben Island, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the former maximum security prison for political prisoners such as Nelson Mandela. In addition, you will go whale watching, bathe among African penguins, take a private tour of a spectacular coastal route to the Cape of Good Hope peninsula with a wine tasting in one of the best wineries in South Africa in the Constance Valley area. You will stay in a comfortable and central 4* hotel, double room in AD regime. Optionally we can offer you the incredible experience of diving in an observation cage with white sharks in the open sea from the coast of Cape Town. Before you set in, you’ll learn about sharks from the marine biologist and expert guides on board.

Travel South Africa Robben Island

From Cape Town to Africa safari in Kruger.

From there we will go to one of the most beautiful natural parks in our world, the Kruger. Infinite horizons, wild nature, animals in freedom and a sky that seems to collapse at sunset on its unforgettable silhouette, this is the Kruger National Park, get ready to take a good camera because you will not get tired of photographing all the beauty that you will have in front of your eyes.

Travel South Africa Kruger Leopard

Visit Kruger National Park in South Africa (we recommend minimum 4 nights)

Kruger National Park is undoubtedly one of the most famous Natural Parks in the world for safaris in Africa. The Kruger Park contains all the beauty of the flora and fauna of the African continent, occupying a huge area of protected area of approximately 19,000 km². The Kruger Park is home to a large number of impalas and all kinds of gazelles, more than 30,000 zebras, 17,000 wildebeests, 12,000 elephants …, and thousands of families of the wildest felines roam freely through this territory of high natural value. The park protects about 150 different species of mammals, including the famous “Big Five” (elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions and leopards).

Photo Safari South Africa Summer

The size of Kruger Park borders the South African provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo, while its northern border borders Zimbabwe and the eastern border Mozambique. The climate of the area allows you to enjoy wildlife throughout the year. During the austral winter it is easier to see the animals due to the lower density of vegetation. In the austral spring you have more chances to see beautiful cubs and young, as well as a greater variety of birds.

See the Big 5 Safari

What are safaris like in Kruger in South Africa?

The best way to do safaris is in 4x4, led by local professionals who will be happy to explain all the details and curiosities about its fauna and vegetation in the most idyllic corners of the Kruger park. You will go with a ranger in his open safari vehicle for a walk and you will be very attentive in search of the Big Five, and other smaller animals that are part of the African safari. The lodge’s rangers are very experienced and are the perfect safari guides for strolling in the pastures of the African savannah.

The safaris usually start early in the day since it is when we will find the most active animals, although they can be prolonged throughout the day, offering you stops to rest, have a drink and take the best photos. As the day progresses the sun tightens and for this reason it is recommended early safaris or night safaris, a very good alternative that gives another perspective to the wildlife of the park. The night safaris are also guided by local professionals, who are also connected to each other to find out where the animals are. For this reason guided safaris are excellent, because it increases the possibility of seeing wild animals (and especially the big 5), which are in continuous movement. (Remember that a safari is not like going to the zoo, although some think so!). Animals are wild and free and it is very important to be aware of this and respect animals in their natural habitat. The experience offers an intimate encounter with nature and wildlife.

By plane from Kruger in South Africa to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or Zambia

What better way to end your trip than at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, watching its majestic waterfalls fall from over 100 meters high!

Victoria Falls is a magnificent vacation destination in which many travelers not only visit the falls, but also enjoy amazing activities. Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At its peak flow, around June, this precipice of one hundred meters high and more than a kilometer and a half wide is enveloped in the din of the fall of 3000 tons of water per second.

See Victoria Falls

Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone was the first European to see Victoria Falls. He did so from what is now known as “Livingstone Island” in Zambia, the only piece of land accessible in the middle of the falls. David Livingstone named them “Victoria Falls” in honor of his queen, but the indigenous name “Mosi-oa-Tunya” (literally, “the smoke that thunders”) is equally recognized on the World Heritage list.

Although they are neither the tallest nor the widest in the world, they are the largest. With a width of 1708 meters and a height of 108 meters, we are facing the most extensive waterfall on the planet. Since they form the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, there are two sides of Victoria Falls to visit and both are worth visiting.

If you like our proposal to travel to South Africa combining Kruger with Victoria Falls, contact one of our consultants specialized in travel to South Africa and together we design your dream trip.


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