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Luxury Lapland Holidays

Live the enchantment of Christmas and make your child’s dreams come true as you embark on a private Search for Santa in the mystical depths of the Rovaniemi Secret Forest in Lapland.

Lapland is a realm boasting the last pristine wilderness in Northern Europe, where the skies are renowned for their unparalleled clarity. In December, this landscape transforms into a mesmerizing winter wonderland, adorned with blankets of snow and shimmering ice. Here, you can partake in extraordinary activities such as snowmobile excursions, serene reindeer rides, and thrilling husky safaris.

Your holidays promise to be a tapestry of unique travel experiences that will etch everlasting memories into your heart, as if you’ve stepped into another world altogether. Welcome to the captivating world of Finnish Lapland! Nestled on the Arctic Circle is Lapland’s capital, Rovaniemi, the Official home of Father Christmas himself. From the moment you arrive in Lapland’s snow-covered wonderland, your days will overflow with experiences that are reality made true of dreams. Most importantly, you’ll have the exclusive family opportunity to meet Santa Claus privately within the enchanting confines of the Magic Forest.


exclusive tailor-made holiday suggestions to Lapland


Travel Lapland December 2024

This December search for and meet Santa in an unique private meeting in the Magic Forrest and let your kids or yourself give him personally your Christmas wish list. Feel the pure emotion of hunting Northern Lights with an authentic Aurora Hunter. These are your tailor-made holidays to Lapland for the beginning of December you are looking for!

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Travel Lapland Christmas 2024 and meet Santa Claus in private

With some help from the Elfs find Santa´s secret cottage in the Magic Forrest and enjoy a private meeting with him. This Christmas holidays make your dreams come true and enjoy an unique and exclusive family moment. Search with the Elfs for Santa, who surprisingly knows all about you and your family. An encounter you will never forget!

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Finnish Lapland at Arctic Snow Hotel

Celebrate New Years´ Eve with all your beloved ones in Finnish Lapland with a special New Year´s Eve dinner and bring out a toast at the New Year´s party at the famous Arctic Snow Hotel in Rovaniemi with a festive New Year´s dinner, outdoor games, a shaman and fireworks.

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In search of Northern Lights in Inari Saariselka

If you wish to see the stunning dances of the Northern Lights, we will design you a trip to the most arctic area in Lapland, sleeping in an authentic glass igloo and luxury cabin and hunting Auroras with a Northern Lights specialist and photographer.

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Enjoy skiing in Lapland at Ruka Kuusamo

Would you like enjoy skiing at one of the best slopes in Lapland, combined with an unique luxury accomodation uphill, safaris and a vibrant visit to Santa´s holiday house? Than you have found the right solution!

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Travel Lapland February ski holidays or Easter

Enjoy and Travel Lapland the best time of the year, February or March with more hours of sunshine. Perform unique activities such as husky safaris, reindeer rides, and long excursions on snowmobile. Meet Santa at the Magic Forrest and hunt the Northern Lights with an expert in night photography. Relax at luxury dream accommodation in Rovaniemi.

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Discover Lapland in summer

Come and see the Midnight sun, check out what Santa does in Summer, enjoy water activities, walk through the most purest wild nature in Lapland and stay in an authentic suite at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. You will definitively enjoy your summer holidays!

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Enjoy unique experiences in Lapland

All our suggested itineraries are true examples of tailor-made holidays exclusively created by our Destination Specialists attending to the personal needs of our clients. We are Destination Specialists in Exclusive and Custom Travel to Lapland. We can design your holidays as similar or as different to these as you wish. You will enjoy the best travel experience of your life you will never forget.

Why travel to Lapland with Next Destinium?

A world full of magic under your feet, trees covered with crispy snow, frozen lakes and the official town of Santa Claus.

Lapland Destination Specialists and Visit Rovaniemi referenced. 

At Next Destinium we propose you different Lapland holidays, in which experiences will be unique and unforgettable. You will perform amazing Arctic activities, having a private visit with Santa Claus, enjoy the night skies decorated with dancing Northern Lights and some spectacular accommodations, from some of which you can see these amazing phenomena in the sky.

Own Lapland Travel Experience. 

Our Travel Designers have travelled extensively through Lapland and we have stayed at the lodges and hotels we recommend you. We know all hidden gems, all the secrets of the traveller and the pitfalls that should be avoided. And we are eager to share them with you!


We are travel specialists in Lapland, we know the destination by heart and we understand what you are really looking for, making your dreams come true and providing the holidays and experiences you are looking for!

Enjoy carefully best selected experiences in Lapland.

One of the best must-do and authentic activities one should do on a trip to Lapland is to drive a snowmobile. It is a safe and very fun activity where the motorcycle is driven in pairs of 2 people (one in front and the other behind) with the possibility of exchanging drivers in the middle of the trip. The bikes are limited in speed (45km is its maximum) and its driving is simple by means of the thumb giving the gas and the brakes are like any motorcycle or bicycle. It is important to keep your feet on the footrests and not put them outside to avoid entrapment in case of a rollover. There are gasoline snowmobiles and the newest ones are electric, which allow you to enjoy the environment more because of the low noise they produce. Children are safe and warm in the guide’s covered sled, which allows parents and children to enjoy at the same time! It is essential to have a valid driver’s license. 

What to do and see in Lapland?

Lapland is a fairytale destination, ideal for traveling with children. A destination with the clearest skies in the world and located above the Arctic Circle, therefore, perfect for seeing northern lights. Lapland is an area that stretches hundreds of kilometers above the Arctic Circle between Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia and represents Finland’s authentic untouched Arctic wilderness. Although you won’t see polar bears like on a trip to Canada or rocky fjords like in Norway, Lapland has an attraction for the traveler because of its magic, of which the following are part: magnificent northern lights, as well as incredibly clear and starry skies, the original inhabitants the Sami, the midnight sun in summer, husky dogs, reindeer and, above all, Santa Claus. Interestingly, he lives here and you can visit him in the Official Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi! 


What is the best time to travel Lapland?

Travel to Lapland offers untouched wilderness and the opportunity to experience unique activities. In winter you can go on husky sledding safaris, reindeer sledding, ski in unimaginable landscapes, watch reindeer racing on frozen lakes, ice fishing or go snowmobiling on frozen lakes and snowy forests in the national parks. In summer the traveler can practice activities such as sauna in the middle of a river, jogging along the trails, outings with huskies with special sleds, visit reindeer farms and see the breeding, go out on boats or jet skis and see the midnight sun, which is not to be missed surrounded by wild nature. 


What is the best place to visit in Lapland?

Lapland has several areas of tourist interest depending on the traveler’s interest:

Rovaniemi, the epicenter of Christmas in Lapland and where the Santa Claus House is located.

In the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi is where the official Santa Claus Village is located, where it is worth living a moment full of magic with the family. Here you will live one of those travel experiences that will stay with you forever, one of those that are accompanied by the feeling of having visited another planet. Rovaniemi is the cradle of Christmas and the ideal destination for families and children with Santa Claus, husky dog safaris with the ideal duration for families, snowmobile with covered sleds for children, mini-snowmobile for children and Mama Noel.

The most arctic and coldest area of Lapland of Inari – Saariselka.

The northern area of Inari – Saariselka is the most arctic area of Lapland with more extreme temperatures and a more polar landscape where there are few things as beautiful as the natural Arctic landscape to see northern lights in glass igloos or authentic luxury log cabins that Lapland offers. Lake Inari, the largest lake in Lapland, is the epicenter of the area, with multiple activities in winter where its frozen lake becomes a great attraction to see auroras, float on ice or practice “Lappish glamping”. In addition, Inari is the birthplace of the Sami, the original culture of Lapland as shown in the Siida museum in Inari. Further north on the Norwegian border we find reindeer herding villages in Nuorgam and Utsjoki, all the way to the port of Kirkenes in Norway, famous for the king crab.
The mountainous area of Kilpisjärvi in northern Lapland.
The northwestern part of Lapland bordering Norway is one of the most unspoiled parts of the country. Here the Kilpisjärvi Mountains dominate, which with their height form an excellent winter destination for viewing the Northern Lights. Thanks to its proximity to Tromso in Norway it is easily accessible and the remote area is very interesting for travelers in search of tranquility and nature. 

The best ski resorts of Ruka Kuusamo in Lapland.

The eastern Lapland area of Ruka Kuusamo and is famous for the ski slopes and luxury ski huts at the foot of the slopes of the Finns from Helsinki. On the mountain of Ruka Ski Resort we can enjoy the snow until the end of April on its more than 30 ski slopes! On the shores of the frozen lake is the village of Ruka (with cabins spread throughout the municipality) and within walking distance is the town of Kuusamo (full of hotels) with services of all kinds.

Southern Lapland from Ranua and Syöte to the port of Kemi.

Southern Lapland has the largest open-air arctic zoo in the northern hemisphere in the village of Ranua. Further south (but technically outside Lapland) are the unusual ski mountains of Syöte Park, famous for the first snowfall in Lapland. Further along the coast is the area of Kemi, an important port, from where the famous icebreaker Sampo departs in winter. On the shores of the gulf in winter is the famous 360 Kemi Snowcastle Ice Castle with its cubic glass huts at the water’s edge. 

The ski resorts of Ylläs and Levi in western Lapland.

Finally, the western Lapland mountains of Ylläs and Levi are excellent ski resorts favored by the Finns and both easily accessible from Kittila regional airport. On our trips to Levi, Next Destinium offers you exclusive accommodation in large luxury cabins (up to 10pax per cabin) and premium glass igloos. In Levi there are many ski hotels that we tend to avoid due to crowds and large groups. 

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