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Luxury Lapland Holidays

What better way to enjoy the magic of Christmas and make your child’s dreams come true searching for Santa in private in the Magic Forrest in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

Lapland counts with the last remaining expanse of wilderness in northern Europe, including the world´s clearest skies. In December this becomes a winter wonderland of snow and ice, where you can enjoy unique experiences like excursions with electric snowmobiles, reindeer rides and stunning husky safaris. You will enjoy unique travel experiences that will remain forever, joined by the feeling you have visited another world. Welcome to Finnish Lapland! Lapland’s capital Rovaniemi sits on the Arctic Circle and this is also where you’ll find the One True Home of Lapland’s most popular resident: Father Christmas. From the day you arrive in the snow covered magic world of Lapland your days are filled with experiences that dreams are made of. Most importantly the family opportunity to meet Santa in private in the Magic Forrest.


exclusive tailor-made travel suggestions to Lapland created by our Destination Specialists


Travel Lapland Early Christmas 2023

This December search for and meet Santa in an unique private meeting in the Magic Forrest and let your kids or yourself give him personally your Christmas wish list. Feel the pure emotion of hunting Northern Lights with an authentic Aurora Hunter. These are your tailor-made holidays to Lapland for the beginning of December you are looking for!

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Travel Lapland Christmas 2023 and meet Santa Claus in private

With some help from the Elfs find Santa´s secret cottage in the Magic Forrest and enjoy a private meeting with him. This Christmas holidays make your dreams come true and enjoy an unique and exclusive family moment. Search with the Elfs for Santa, who surprisingly knows all about you and your family. An encounter you will never forget!

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Celebrate New Year´s Eve in Finnish Lapland at Arctic Snow Hotel

Celebrate New Years´ Eve with all your beloved ones in Finnish Lapland with a special New Year´s Eve dinner and bring out a toast at the New Year´s party at the famous Arctic Snow Hotel in Rovaniemi with a festive New Year´s dinner, outdoor games, a shaman and fireworks.

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In search of Northern Lights in Inari Saariselka

If you wish to see the stunning dances of the Northern Lights, we will design you a trip to the most arctic area in Lapland, sleeping in an authentic glass igloo and luxury cabin and hunting Auroras with a Northern Lights specialist and photographer.

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Enjoy skiing in Lapland at Ruka Kuusamo

Would you like enjoy skiing at one of the best slopes in Lapland, combined with an unique luxury accomodation uphill, safaris and a vibrant visit to Santa´s holiday house? Than you have found the right solution!

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Travel Lapland February ski holidays or Easter

Enjoy and Travel Lapland the best time of the year, February or March with more hours of sunshine. Perform unique activities such as husky safaris, reindeer rides, and long excursions on snowmobile. Meet Santa at the Magic Forrest and hunt the Northern Lights with an expert in night photography. Relax at luxury dream accommodation in Rovaniemi.

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Discover Lapland in summer

Come and see the Midnight sun, check out what Santa does in Summer, enjoy water activities, walk through the most purest wild nature in Lapland and stay in an authentic suite at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. You will definitively enjoy your summer holidays!

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Enjoy unique experiences in Lapland

All our suggested itineraries are true examples of tailor-made holidays exclusively created by our Destination Specialists attending to the personal needs of our clients. We are Destination Specialists in Exclusive and Custom Travel to Lapland. We can design your holidays as similar or as different to these as you wish. You will enjoy the best travel experience of your life you will never forget.

Why travel to Lapland with Next Destinium?

A world full of magic under your feet, trees covered with crispy snow, frozen lakes and the official town of Santa Claus.

At Next Destinium we propose you different trips, in which experiences will be unique and unforgettable. You will perform amazing Arctic activities, having a private visit with Santa Claus, enjoy the night skies decorated with dancing Northern Lights and some spectacular accommodations, from some of which you can see these amazing phenomena in the sky.

Our Travel Designers have travelled extensively through Lapland and we have stayed in the lodges and hotels we recommend you. We know all hidden gems, all the secrets of the traveller and the pitfalls that should be avoided. And we are eager to share them!

We are specialists in Lapland, we know the destination and we can understand what you are really looking for, making your dreams come true and providing the trip and adventure you desire!

The meaning of making a dream trip to Lapland.

Lapland is an area that extends hundreds of kilometers over the Arctic Circle and represents the authentic unspoilt nature of Finland. Although polar bears will not be seen as on a trip to Canada, neither rocky fjords as in Norway, Lapland has an attraction for the traveller due to its magic, composed by the magnificent Northern Lights, as well as incredibly clear and starry skies, the Sami people, the midnight sun, the husky dogs, the reindeers and, above all, Santa Claus. Curiously, he lives here!

Travelling to Lapland gives you the privilege to discover untouched places and the opportunity to experience unique activities.

During winter season, you can practice huskies sledding, skiing in unimaginable landscapes, watching reindeer races on frozen lakes, fishing on the ice or going on a snowmobile through the forests of national parks.
In summer, the traveller can practice activities such as hiking on the trails, trekking through the meadows of Lapland, rafting on the brave rivers and watching the midnight sun, which is real beauty surrounded by wild nature.


Lapland is a fairy-tale destination, perfect if you wish to go with children. It has the cleanest skies all over the world and more specifically, in the north area, therefore, it is a sublime spot for contemplating northern lights.

It is also where the official town of Santa Claus is located, a worth living experience, a moment full of magic. You are going to live one of those traveling experiences that will stay engraved forever, which are accompanied by the feeling of having visited another planet.

There are few things as beautiful as the natural Arctic landscape that Lapland offers.



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