Travel Lapland Christmas Meet Santa Claus in private

Travel to Lapland Christmas 2024 see Santa Claus in private.

What better place to meet Santa Claus in Lapland than at his own official Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi? Make your dreams come true with a trip to Lapland for Christmas and join the Elves in the search for Santa’s secret cabin or toy factory in the Magic Forest. Experience a totally private family encounter with Santa, accompanied by an English-speaking elf. A trip full of unique arctic activities – an unforgettable experience!


Why travel Lapland with Next Destinium?

Enjoy unique experiences…

  • The best activities to enjoy Christmas with your family
  • Enjoy holidays to Lapland in Rovaniemi, the epicenter of Christmas
  • See the Christmas decorations and lighting at Santa Claus Village
  • Personally hand your Wishlist to Santa Claus
  • Help the Elves search for Santa in Rovaniemi’s Magic Forest
  • Enjoy a delicious Christmas meal on Dec. 25 at the Arctic Snow Hotel
  • Spend Christmas Eve in a luxury cabin for the whole family
  • Perform snowmobiling activity to hunt the Northern Lights
  • Enjoy sledding safaris with huskies in small groups
  • Visit a real reindeer farm with a professional photographer

Selected Accommodations

  • As Destination Specialists in Lapland, we have selected the best accommodation for these holidays to Lapland for Christmas
  • Luxury cottages for 4, 6 or 8 persons in Santa Claus Village, superior cottages for families up to 4 persons with possibility of being interconnected, located at the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, beautiful panoramic glass igloos for 2 to 4 persons or typical log cabins for up to 8 persons per cottage at the hillside close to the slopes and tracks and all accommodation with the Half Board service included.
  • The accommodations we select at Next Destinium are strategically well located, with exceptional ratings from their guests and with absolute quality and guarantee.

Each holiday to Lapland is custom-made…

We designed this custom trip to Lapland for a family with three kids, who´s mayor wish was to meet Santa Claus privately and stay with him for a while. The dates where before Christmas.

“… and above all, for the kids, the private meeting with Santa, leaves them with a unique and very lasting memory. Without further ado, congratulations and I hope we continue organizing such attractive trips. 

Greetings, Fam. Zamorano, Madrid



Recommended days

5-6 days

Recommended time

Christmas 2024


From € 3.195 EUR per person

Our tailor-made Lapland holidays for Christmas.

What better time of the year than Christmas to travel to Lapland and meet Santa Claus, his reindeer and the Elves? Do you want to visit his Toy Factory and look for his secret cabin where all the letters from the children of the world arrive? The Magic of Christmas awaits you, you will feel it in every corner of Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa Claus in Lapland, where his Post Office is located in the Santa Claus Village. He decided to settle in Rovaniemi so that all children young and old could visit him easily, as his shelter in the Korvatunturi mountains is not accessible to the youngest members of the household. The Village lights, carols, snow and Christmas decorations create a unique atmosphere during the holidays, so it is ideal for a private meeting with Santa Claus.

Celebrating Christmas in Rovaniemi in Lapland.

Discover the magic of celebrating Christmas in Rovaniemi, in the heart of Lapland, together with your family! Immerse yourself in a dreamy winter atmosphere, where snow covers every corner and Christmas lights illuminate the charming Santa Claus Village. Imagine spending the holidays together in a cozy cabin, sharing unforgettable moments while enjoying the wonders of the Arctic winter together. From Santa sightings to exciting activities in the snow, every moment becomes a magical experience for the whole family.

Next Destinium offers you different trips to Lapland, where the experiences will be unique and unforgettable, you will sleep in fully equipped luxury cabins in the middle of nature in the Arctic Circle, you will do arctic activities…

This Lapland trip proposal is created by our specialized Lapland travel consultants. To design your personalized tailor-made trip, contact us by clicking on the button on this page, tell us your travel preferences and then one of our Lapland specialist consultants will call you personally shortly.


Where best to see Santa Claus?

When Christmas is approaching, what better to do than to see Santa Claus in Lapland and bring him your letter of wishes and have a good time with him? Frankly it is a unique moment in your life, you will meet in person the most desired character since your childhood, a magical person, shrouded in mysteries about his residence, his travels with reindeer sleigh in the sky and his magic to get the gifts right every year! Meeting Santa Claus is a fantastic experience for adults and children, do not think that it is something childish that you can see every Christmas in a shopping mall in your city, because the magic of Lapland, the snow, the cold and the whole environment of a trip to Lapland make the meeting with the real Santa Claus something very special that you will remember all your life!

Visit the real Santa Claus in Lapland.

In Lapland there are several Santas. Yes, you read that right, there are several Santas in Lapland, so it is important to know and know the difference between them to get the visit right. The real Santa Claus comes from the inaccessible mountain Korvatunturi and for this reason resides in the official Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, where his official house and office is located in a single typical wooden building. Entrance to Santa’s house and office is free of charge and is through a large wooden door from Santa’s office, which leads to a hallway leading to the grand staircase of the clock tower where the Elves work. Here in the most popular months and days (December long weekend, Christmas, New Year’s Eve) the queues can be long and the waiting time long, so you better be warned in case you go with children. Especially with children in mind, we recommend you to see Santa Claus in private, either in the Santa Claus huts or in a magical snowy forest, where the dedication is much greater and the enjoyment much greater! Back to the real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, once you (family or group of friends) enter Santa’s room, you will enjoy a dedicated and personal moment with the most endearing man in the world, who always has a kind word and always speaks a little bit of your language!


Where is Santa Claus’ house in Lapland?

The official Santa Claus house is in the village of Santa Claus, located just outside Rovaniemi and a short distance from Rovaniemi airport. It is easily accessible by car or cab and is situated just above the Arctic Circle. The Santa Claus Village consists of several villages and cabins where we find the Santa Claus Post Office, a mini-snowmobile park, ice bar, playground, several restaurants (including one where you can eat grilled salmon in a typical Lappish kota), several souvenir stores, the reception of the typical and comfortable Santa Claus cabins for up to 4 people and obviously in the central part we find the Santa Claus House that we mentioned before. You can walk around the whole Santa Claus Village with all tranquility and comfort and have a good time.

Visit the authentic Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of Santa Claus and his elves, discover his magical world and visit Santa Claus personally? Entering the real Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, the “capital” and epicenter of Lapland, you will cross the geographical line of the Arctic Circle (Napapiiri), visit the Santa Claus Office and discover his time machine in the Clock Tower. You will go to meet him and capture this moment with Santa Claus in person. You will return home telling your family and friends: “we were there”. Santa Claus really exists! Although Christmas is celebrated only once a year, in Rovaniemi you can visit Santa Claus all year round and at any time of the year. Every season in Rovaniemi is a different and unforgettable experience: seeing Santa Claus in the midnight sun in summer, during the darkness that accompanies the region in winter and when the snowy sculptures sparkle like diamonds in spring… Santa Claus is a friend of the children of the world and friends are always welcome in his house!
You can watch the following video to feel the magic of Christmas in Rovaniemi:

Autor: Visit Rovaniemi, Oficina de Turismo. 

As everyone knows, Santa Claus’ mission is to become once a year the ambassador of happiness in the world, a task he accomplishes together with his faithful furry companions, the reindeer. Even if he passes by your house only once a year, there is nothing to stop you from going to see him at some point during the year: he will be happy to see you, so don’t miss an extraordinary opportunity!

Help the Elves in search of Santa Claus in the Magic Forest of Rovaniemi.


As we already mentioned, the best option to see Santa Claus with more tranquility and comfort is a private meeting with Santa Claus. One of the options to see Santa Claus in private is a visit from Santa Claus himself to our cabin in Santa’s village, whose surprise is a magical moment for the children and something very surprising! Through the window we already see his shadow approaching through the snow and his footsteps at a calm but steady pace confirm to us that something is happening! When he knocks on our door the magic moment is confirmed and the entrance of Santa Claus in our house is a dream come true that we have always wished to live! Santa Claus will sit with us on the couches in the hut and ask us how we are doing and if we like his house and his village. Of course he will bring a little present or detail to surprise and delight us and after the pleasant time together he will say goodbye to us.

For this reason, we propose a private meeting with Santa Claus in his secret wooden cabin hidden in the middle of the Magic Forest just outside Rovaniemi. It is a fairytale place where everything has been taken care of down to the smallest detail. We assure you that going to meet Santa Claus at Christmas will be a unique and unforgettable experience!

To get to the secret cabin, first you will have to look for it and with the help of the Elves and a few clues, you will go in search of Santa Claus in the snowy forest …. An exciting adventure for children and adults and if you are lucky you will find the secret cabin of Santa Claus!

The authentic and magical environment of the secret cabin will transport you through time and space in a Christmas atmosphere that you will appreciate as much as the little ones. You will have the help of Santa’s elves who will accompany you during the whole journey through the different rooms of the secret cabin to a secret room where our dear Santa Claus is!

You can see that with both options you can enjoy a meeting with Santa Claus in his real home in Rovaniemi, where his Santa Claus Village is also located. Rovaniemi is a privileged place to be at Christmas, as it is here in Rovaniemi that Santa Claus opens Christmas every year on Saturdays in mid-November. As you can see, Rovaniemi is the ideal place to visit and be with Santa Claus. And don’t let them tell you anything else…. 😉

Enjoy a Special Christmas Eve Dinner in Lapland.

Together with local suppliers we have prepared a special Christmas Eve dinner in Lapland for you to enjoy the best of Rovaniemi’s local gastronomy and local ingredients, so you can enjoy a special Christmas dinner in the Arctic Circle in style! There is nothing like enjoying authentic Christmas food in Rovaniemi’s luxurious accommodations, where every bite is a delight that transports you into the festive spirit of the season. Celebrate Christmas like never before, creating lifelong memories in Lapland’s most magical destination – come and experience the unique Christmas in Rovaniemi!

Don’t miss out on seeing Santa Claus in Lapland this year, so talk to one of our specialist Lapland travel consultants who will advise you on which Santa Claus to visit this December Bank Holiday, Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

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