Travel Lapland Ski Holidays or Easter Holidays Lapland

Enjoy the snow with more hours of sunshine on a holidays to Lapland at one of the best times of the year; ski holidays or Easter holidays. With moderate temperatures and many hours of sunshine, you will live unique experiences such as: floating on the ice, karting on ice, activities such as a sled safari with husky dogs with a lasting duration, an icebreaker boat trip and sleeping in luxury cabins and a night in a glass igloo with heated glass to see the Northern Lights at the best time of the year; The spring equinox.

Why travel to Lapland at Easter?

You will enjoy unique experiences…

… carefully selected to enjoy most

  • Search for Santa Claus in the Magic Forest in Rovaniemi
  • You will do more lasting activities such as safari with huskies
  • Ride an electric snowmobile with covered sled for kids
  • Show off your ice karting skills
  • Do you dare to float on ice with a special thermal suit?
  • You will sleep in luxury cabins on a Half Board basis
  • Come at the best time to see Northern Lights in Lapland
  • You will visit an outdoor Arctic zoo with bears, eagles and the Arctic lynx
  • You will embark on a special icebreaker boat with swimming included!

Selected Accommodations

Every holiday is tailor-made

We designed this holidays for Easter for a family with three children wanting to do different activities and enjoy the snow and sun sleeping in a typical cabin with all the comforts.

“I have no words to explain the organization, punctuality and professionalism of each and every one of the people who have helped make this getaway a dream trip”.

“Thank you Alex for preparing this wonderful trip that we will surely repeat, for your professionalism and above all your patience” Mireia Soler, Switzerland

Recommended days

5-6 days

Recommended time

Ski holidays or Easter Holidays


From € 3.350 per person

Detail of the tailor-made trip created

Lapland is a gem in the months of March and April when the days are longer, it is sunnier and the temperatures are more moderate. The constant fresh snow of Lapland creates a spectacular and unique landscape, where you can feel the soft crunch of snowflakes underfoot. The sun (more present in these months) provides the landscape with a dazzling brightness and pleasant lighting environment, which makes the days longer, more pleasant and optimal for activities at any time at Easter.

Floating on ice.

The experience of floating on ice in a specific thermal suit is a magical moment of peace and well-being. Like floating on the water above the Dead Sea, floating on ice is a similar but more exotic experience. It’s just stretching and enjoying. A moment of rest and tranquility. The special thermal suit keeps you dry and warm and you put on top of your clothes. The activity can be done both day and night, at night you have to add the advantage of being able to see Northern Lights floating on the ice. The minimum height is 120cm.


Private meeting with Santa Claus

Help! The elves have lost Santa Claus in the Magic Forest Can you please help them, find him? The elves will give you a few clues and tips so that, together, you can find him. Let’s see if you get it! You will enjoy as a family an active search for Santa Claus through the Magic Forest in the middle of Lapland’s nature with the help of lanterns that illuminate the right path to your secret cabin…

Where lives Santa Claus?

See the Northern Lights at Easter

You will observe the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights in one of the best months to observe them; from March to April. The colder the night and the clearer the sky, the more possibilities we will have to see the changing spectacle of the Auroras. You will be accompanied by a true Aurora hunter, who is also a specialist in photography. He will really look for you (since others usually always go to the same place …) in private or in a group according to your preference, those optimal places to be able to see the Aurora in a more suitable way. If Auroras do not occur (remember that it is a natural phenomenon), the hunter will teach you the night photography activity, which is also very exciting and fun. If you go with children, always show flexibility in their modus operandi.

Sleep in an authentic modern log cabin in Rovaniemi, Inari or Saariselka.

Staying in an authentic wooden cabin is an incredible experience and even more if we have all the comfort and luxury of a modern and fully equipped cabin with kitchen, wood burning fireplace and private sauna, idyllicly located in a snowy and white environment; In short, a postcard photo! In Next Destinium we have several types of modern style cabin, but all are of high typology to guarantee a fantastic stay according to the expectations of the client. Talk to us and we advise you on the most suitable type of cabin. We have cabins in Rovaniemi, Inari or Saariselka at Easter for 2, 4 and 6 people, all with Half Board (breakfast and dinner) included, so you can enjoy the hotel restaurant. And after the sauna you can enjoy the private sauna of your cabin or the Northern Lights if they occur, simply by setting foot outside the cabin that is away from the light pollution of the city center of Rovaniemi, Inari or Saariselka.

What do you think?.. Lapland by the hand of one of our consultants specialized in Tailor-made Travel to Lapland at Easter.

Leave us your details and soon a consultant specialized in tailor-made trips will call you personally.

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