Lapland holidays in Summer

You will live a family experience with a detailed route through Lapland in summer from Rovaniemi to Inari to North Cape or Kirkenes with activities to watch the Midnight Sun, visit the village of Santa Claus in summer, see bears, go out on sleighs with huskies in summer, do water activities on water bikes or quietly by boat, a visit to a floating sauna and with the possibility of seeing Aurora Boreales at the end of August. All this with pure wild nature as protagonist and with accommodation in typical wooden cottages, air-conditioned glass igloos and suiterooms among the tops of the trees.

Why travel Lapland in Summer?

You will live unique experiences…

… carefully selected to enjoy most

  • Watch the Midnight Sun
  • Visit Santa Claus Village in Summer
  • Cruising by boat or jet ski on the rivers of Rovaniemi
  • See brown bears, Finland´s national animal, in their natural habitat
  • Have fun in Santapark theme park
  • Sleep in a treehouse suite among the tops of the trees
  • Hiking through the wild nature
  • The children will enjoy a zip line park
  • Touring the forests of Lapland by bicycle fatbike
  • Taste king crab in Kirkenes (Norway) or
  • Set foot at North Cape, Europe’s northernmost point

Selected Accommodation

Each Lapland holidays is tailor-made and personalized

We created these holidays to Lapland in summer for two families with 3 children and grandparents eager to experience the Midnight Sun, water activities for the kids, hiking trails through the dense forests of wild nature and with the desire to greet Santa Claus at his home.

“Alex, our expectation of the trip has been fulfilled completely”.

The car route you suggested was incredible and highly recommended”

“The cottage was fabulous; beautiful, clean and luxury…” Ingrid and family

Recommended days

7-10 days

Recommended time

July to September


From 1.595 EUR per person

Details Lapland Holidays in summer.

A trip to Lapland in summer is a completely different holidays than Lapland Travel in winter. In summer the green color of the forests reigns, the pleasant smell of pines and fir trees walking along the trails and the Midnight Sun. You can enjoy water activities such as a boat ride along its brave rivers, get on board a floating sauna, practice yoga in the woods, make a visit to the village of Santa Claus in summer, sleep in a floating igloo to see the Aurora Borealis, taste the best meat of the king crab, make a short wheel sleigh safari with husky dogs through the green forests or a one-day visit to a reindeer farm.

In summer we propose a route through Lapland from the south to the north, alternating the cities of most tourist interest and with a greater offer of leisure, culture and fun, alternated with the most attractive summer activities. A medium distance drive route, varied with stops where we suggest you admire the views, the pure nature of the forests of Lapland and the most strategic points to make a stop, a picnic or some Finnish long coffee with chocolate from the brand Fazer.

A good starting point for the trip to Lapland in summer is to start with the capital Helsinki. Helsinki in summer transforms into a pleasant city, full of restaurants and bars, outdoor swimming pools in the harbor of Helsinki, terraces with much joy from the local people, and the possibility to visit the islands near Helsinki by bike or walking.

We suggest a summer trip to Rovaniemi, capital of Finnish Lapland, where you will find the official residence of Santa Claus and his post office, right on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

visit Santa Claus home

After arriving at your cabin and resting your first day in Lapland you will do a river cruise on traditional boats or on water bikes for the most adventurous on the rivers Ounasjoki and Kemijoki.

The cruise will take you to an authentic reindeer farm, there you will discover the secrets of the breeding of this animal and its importance to the Sami people.

You will live the experience of making an authentic special sleigh sled safari with Huskies in summer! We will take you to one of the best Husky dog farms, where they will teach you all about the Husky dogs and after the explanation of how to drive a special sleigh with huskies, you will go out en route through the green forests in a unique environment, near a large lake. A privileged environment! On the return of the safari there is time to visit the farm, take pictures with the huskies and if there are husky puppies see and touch some small husky dogs!


Enjoy the incomparable Santa Claus Village, where Santa lives. In addition, its location on the Arctic Circle will allow you to officially enter the Arctic. You can visit Santa’s office and meet him personally and send letters from his post office.

We will rent you a comfortable car so that you can move at your pace and in your personal travel guide we will suggest best places to visit.

One of these places is the “Arktikum Science Museum”, a mandatory visit for those who want to know the history and understand the evolution of the peoples of the Arctic and Lapland to this day

One noon we will include a meal in a restaurant in Santa Claus Village, to taste the Lappish gastronomy and whoever wants to do before, one of the essential activities for any Finn… the”Sauna”, which is part of the everyday life of the Finns called the FinRelax, and that is currently very popular among visitors.

The best part of Lapland is its wild nature, arctic environment and fresh and pure air, water and forests. The silence, wind and running water from natural springs. Because we want you to live these feelings, in the afternoon an expert guide of the area will accompany you to the most surprising natural places of the place.

In addition, we have booked you some tickets to go one day to Santa Park so you can discover the magic of this fantastic place…Today we dedicate the day to the children. You can visit the ice gallery, and you’ll have the chance to see the ice princess. At Elves school, you will learn to move like authentic elves, look out of a window without being seen or walking on tiptoe without making noise and watching great Elfs´shows at the central square.

And do you fancy dedicating one day to visit an Arctic zoo? For sure you’ll like to see polar bears, brown bears, wolves, foxes, gluttons… It’s an opportunity to see the local wildlife in its natural surroundings. If you like watching animals, we‘re sure you’ll love it.

We will make you enjoy this wonderful journey at your own pace and in your way, without worrying about anything!

Lapland in summer by one of our Destination Consultants specialized in custom-made travel.

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