Travel Lapland Northern Lights Inari Saariselka

You will enjoy seeing Aurora Boreal in exclusive accommodations such as authentic cabins and glass igloos in the most arctic area of Lapland, Inari Saariselka.

Why travel In Search of Northern Lights with Next Destinium?

You will live unique experiences…

… carefully selected to enjoy most

  • Sleep one night in a glass igloo to see Auroras
  • In search of Northern Lights with a Auroras Hunter and Night Photographer Specialist
  • Accommodation in modern log cabins with private sauna
  • Enjoy the most authentic Arctic landscape in Lapland
  • Get to know the cradle of Samiculture
  • Go skiing on the slopes of ski and sport resort Saariselka
  • Sleep in a mobile Aurora Hut in the middle of a frozen lake to see Northern Lights.

Selected Accommodation

  • As Destination Specialists in Lapland, we have selected the best accommodations to Lapland for this trip
  • Glass igloos with private bathroom for 2-4 people to see the Northern Lights and luxurious log cabins “kelo” with large windows to see the starry sky and the auroras, private sauna and fireplace and mobile igloos for aurora glamping for a night’s lodging in the middle of a frozen lake.
  • The accommodations we select at Next Destinium are strategically well located, with exceptional ratings from their guests and with absolute quality and guarantee.

Each holiday to Lapland is custom-made…

We designed this trip for a couple with a true passion for the observation and photography of the Northern Lights. We take you to the ideal area of Lapland to see Auroras and prepare a night out with an authentic Aurora hunter and photography specialist. They culminated their journey with one night in a glass igloo to see the Northern Lights lying on the bed.

“We have fully covered the expectations of the trip, besides being the destination fascinating (seeing Auroras!!)”

“All the infrastructure was perfect and the accommodation was superb”

All the activities were great, guided by friendly staff and very attentive.



Recommended days

5-6 days

Recommended time

September to October and March to April


From € 3.000 per person

Details of the designed Northern Lights holidays to Lapland.

If you want to enjoy the spectacle and fascinating mythical Northern Lights, we design your tailor-made trip to the most optimal area to see the Northern Lights. Located in the northern region of Lapland, in the area of Inari Saariselka, you will enjoy the Northern Lights, looking for them with the help of our Aurora Borealis hunter and night photography specialist. You can also see the Auroras on snowshoes (more quiet), walking through the snowy forests at night or on a night out on a snowmobile crossing the frozen lakes and white-dyed forests. Another possibility is to sleep one night in a mobile cabin in the middle of Inari’sfrozen lake under the stars watching the Northern Lights. And of course the Inari Saariselka region offers the possibilities of doing arctic activities such as sled safaris pulled by husky dogs, sledging out with reindeer, a horseback riding in the snow, practicing cross-country skiing on the marked trails of the area of Saariselka, visit a children’s playground of Angry Birds (located inside a hotel in Saariselka) and practise skiiing on the slopes of the Saariselka ski & sport resort, the northernmost ski resort in Europe.

Live Experiences: See the Northern Lights

To see the Northern Lights we must travel to destinations such as Lapland(above the Arctic Circle in the countries of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia), Iceland or Canada in the months of September to March. Above the Arctic Circle we have many possibilities to see Northern Lights, although being a natural phenomenon depends entirely on weather and year conditions.

What is the aurora boreal and how is it formed?

An aurora boreal occurs when the sun emits solar particles that collide with the Earth’s magnetic field at the north or south pole, generating a blurred but clear light projected into the atmosphere. The Northern Lights have very different shapes, structures and colors that change continuously throughout the night, which creates this show of enchanting lights that seems to dance, that we are so passionate about traveling to Lapland. To see the Aurora we must be away from any light pollution, the sky has to be clear (if there are clouds we can’t see them although we do have a solution for it in Rovaniemi where we can board a plane to fly above the clouds!!) and the colder the night the better!

As Destination Consultants specialized in tailor-made trips to Lapland we have designed the following trip to Lapland so that you can enjoy the most of seeing the Northern Lights in all its variants.

This holiday proposal to Lapland is created as a suggestion by our consultants specialized in holidays to Lapland in order to live unique experiences. To fully personalise your holidays to Lapland, talk to us and tell us how you like to travel and shortly a specialist consultant will contact you personally. You can also give us a call us at +34 932.906.729.

Sleep in a glass igloo to see the Northern Lights.

Sleeping one night in an authentic glass igloo with heated glass ceiling (thanks to glass is a truly unique experience. In the Inari Saariselka area about 15-20 years ago, the first Lapland heated glass roof igloo was built from Kakslauttanen’s hands. This Arctic resort consisting of two villages, the East Village and West Village, is a true institution in the area and has left its mark on the history of the glass igloos in Lapland, which now abound in its existence throughout Lapland. Where the new glass igloos are increasingly sophisticated and modern (in places like Rovaniemi, Luosto, Inari, Muotka, Levi), Kakslauttanen’s glass igloos are a world reference, although they are rather functional (to see Northern Lights) than comfortable. The standard igloos (for two people) of the villa of Kakslauttanen have a private bathroom with toilet but lack its own shower and one should be showered in the shared bathrooms of the resort. The family igloos (4 single beds) do have a private shower in the igloo. Another more comfortable option to sleep and see the Northern Lights is the kelo log cabin with half glass igloo annex. Here in this typical log cabin with bedroom, own kitchen and full bathroom for up to 6 people, where the half glass igloo with double bed has been added for those who want to see the Northern Lights during the night or part of the night and be able to go to a normal bed if they prefer. Another place at the Kakslauttanen resort to see the Northern Lights is the arctic bar in the West Village restaurant with a fantastic glass ceiling to see the Aurora while taking a drink. And recently in 2017, the West Village resort opened a fantastic Auroras observation tower (80 m) where you can climb up to see the Aurora Borealis and eat something at its restaurant. Another masterpiece of Kakslauttanen’s genius!


See Northern Lights from a modern glass igloo and/or modern cabin.

Following the success of the original glass igloos, a more attractive and comfortable option is to spend one or more nights in a modern and comfortable glass igloo with double bed under a glass ceiling, with light-proof screen to be able to sleep quietly, an additional sofa bed for children or 2 other adult travelers, full bathroom, full minibar and alarm system for detecting aurora via mobile phone. This new Northern Lights Village in Saariselka is complete with a full restaurant where the Half Pension and a safari house are served with all the thermal clothing available for children and adults, from which all the excursions and activities such as sledding with husky dogs, reindeer and snowmobile departures are carried out. These glass igloos can be combined with about 3 or 4 nights in a typical isolated Lappish log cabin modern-style, with private sauna, comfortable log bed for two, modern full kitchen for tea, within walking distance of the central building where the Half Pension is served.


See the Northern Lights with a photographer hunter specialized in Auroras

What do you think of seeing Northern Lights with a true Aurora hunter specialized in Auroras? Our hunter is also a specialist in night photography and is the one who best knows where, when and how to photograph the Northern Lights! With his minivan he will take you in private or small group to the perfect places where that particular night may produce the Northern Lights (may because we are talking about a natural phenomenon, and nothing is guaranteed). We recommend taking your photo camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro, but not mobile phone) and tripod and our photography specialist will help you with photography by giving you advice, knowledge and tricks to photograph the Northern Lights. You don’t need to be an expert in photography, just have a passion and interest in Auroras and take home an unforgettable memory of the famous Northern Lights. And at the end, he will give you access to his shared Google Drive to the professional photographs taken, so that you can store an unforgettable memory for life!

in search of northern lights with a photographer

See Northern Lights on Snowshoes

And in a quiet way we also have prepared you an excursion of 1.5h – 2h on snowshoes to search for the aurora. This time you will move with typical local transport methods, the snowshoes! So you will see that the snowshoes will give you great stability and that you can move quickly through the snow and go up and down the snowy and icy landscape of Lapland.

See the Aurora Borealis on a snowmobile.

More exciting is a 2.5 hour snowmobile tour to see the Aurora Borealis. A method of transport to move fast and agile. Driving a snowmobile is simple and fun. Just give gas with your thumb and stop with the brakes like a bike. The bikes are limited to 45 km, so your safety is assured. And your comfortable thermal suit is linked with a cable to the snowmobile, whose engine stops in case you fall off the machine. You will drive 2 people per snowmobile along the marked roads and trails of the area (In Lapland there is a real network of “motorways” for snowmobiles for the local people who move from city to city through the long distances) and you will cross frozen lakes, snow-capped forests and open spaces and away from the light pollution of the towns of the area. Halfway there is usually a stop at a typical Lappish kotato eat a hot sausage roasted on fire and a hot drink to warm up. And time to swap the driver. The guide will explain to you all the details about the Northern Lights and back you will have the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis on the way, in the middle of the lakes, forests and routes you will take.


Mobile Aurora Hut on frozen lake to see the Northern Lights.

How about sleeping in a mobile Aurora Hut big windows in the middle of a frozen lake to see the Northern Lights? We suggest you stay a night in an authentic cabin, which can be moved by a snowmobile over a huge frozen lake to the best place to see the Northern Light through its large windows! Your specialist guide will take you comfortably and quietly from the base field on the ice of the lake to where he, as a specialist in the auroras, best knows where the auroras can be seen best. An authentic adventure where the Northern Lights and sleeping in a cabin get together and really a unique experience in an unusual place! The aurora glamping hut is comfortably equipped with large windows, double bed, heating and a bathroom. Every morning the mobile cabins will be taken back to the base camp where showers and breakfast await you. An experience to memorise forever!

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